Did you hear? We’re packing our bags and heading to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week (NYFW)!

New York, New York

This will be our first year attending this glamorous week-long fashion week where top designers showcase their upcoming collections for the next season. We’re super excited to connect with other sustainable fashion brands, female founders, influencers, journalists, and others in the fashion industry experts while we’re there. 

One of the main reasons we’re going is because we got invited to Remake’s Walk Your Values: A NYFW Runway Show + After Party. Our founder, Christina Bullock, is a big supporter of Remake and also one of their ambassadors. In case you are not familiar with Remake, they are a global advocacy group fighting for fair wages in the garment industry. More on why this is important here

Instead of a typical runway show, they will be showcasing preloved, secondhand looks modeled by real women including activists, garment workers, and models. Their goal is to promote slow fashion and honor the women who make our clothes. remake

Not only will this be a fun event, but it aligns with our values here at Joyasol. We truly believe the way to a brighter, more sustainable future is through slower fashion. Buying better, fewer items. More on this here.

The next day, we’re honored to be a guest attendee of the fashion sustainability summit called Fashinnovation. Leaders from top brands and magazines are gathering for this all-day conference talking about the future of the fashion industry, sustainability and how technologies can help advance the industry. 


On our last day, we’re looking forward to attending a classic runway show from Libertine. We admire Libertine’s fun, bold designs, and commitment to repurposing materials as a more sustainable approach to fashion. 

Have you been to NYFW? Share in the comments! We want to hear your tips! 

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