Thoughtfully Designed in California. Ethically Made in Portugal.

Made w. Love in Portugal

Did you know that less than 2% of people who make the clothes on our bodies earn a living wage (source: The True Cost)? This means that most fashion workers cannot meet their most basic needs and are held in systemic poverty. 

That’s why each pair of Joyasol shoes is individually crafted by artisanal shoemakers located in the beautiful countryside of Northern Portugal. Our factories follow strict labor and environmental regulations and are regularly monitored. Aside from creating some of the best shoes in the world, we chose Portugal because of their commitment to living wages and safe and fair working conditions.

Our Standards

Our Standards

Our Standards

Living Wages

Fair Working Hours

Paid Time Off

Adequate Health Benefits

Retirement Savings

Healthy Working Conditions

Protective Gear Provided

Natural Light and Air Filtration

our partners

We pride ourselves in working with small factories located just outside Porto, Portugal. Because of our close relationship with these factories, we’re able to produce styles in smaller quantities, reducing overproduction and waste.

behind the scenes

Watch to see how our Ava Sandals were meticuliously crafted in our factory in Northern Portugal.