Did you know that the average pair of shoes is only designed to last 8-10 months?! And that this equals to about 300 million pairs of shoes that end up in our landfills each year? 

This is obviously concerning and a big reason why we’re fans of buying better, fewer shoes (like ours). Here are the top 3 reasons why buying higher quality, longer lasting shoes matters:

1. Reduction of Landfill Waste - On average people buy 5 pairs of shoes per year that typically only last 8-10 months. If people bought better quality shoes that lasted longer, they would not only be extending their $ but also helping our planet. 

Woman wearing Joyasol Paisley Sustainable SneakersMeet the Paisley Sneaker: Sourced from Sustainable Materials and Ethically Made in Portugal 

2. Uplifting Lives of Factory Workers - Did you know that garment workers are the most common form of modern day slavery with just 2% of them making living wages (most of whom are women)? By buying shoes from ethical brands that pay their factory workers living wages, you will be helping to contribute to a better world for women. 

Ethical Factory worker in PortugalEthical Manufacturing is Key to a Brighter Future: One of the Factory Workers at our Factory in Northern Portugal

3. Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing - When you choose quality over quantity, you will likely have less options to choose from in your closet. This minimalist mindset can lead to less mental stress of having to decide what to wear.

Woman in NYC wearing Joyasol Sustainable SneakersEffortlessly Chic: Our Paisley Sneakers in Dove go with just about everything! 

Want to know more about our standards when it comes to producing the highest quality, sustainable and ethically made shoes? Visit our Sustainability and Ethically Made pages! 

Have more questions about this topic? Comment below or email us at info@joyasolshoes.com. Our founder, Christina Bullock, is a Climate Change and Sustainability Specialist - it's one of her favorite things to talk about, besides shoes! :) Read more about her story here and more on how to act on climate here

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