Did you know that April 22nd is Earth Day? You’ve probably heard it being discussed on social media and in the news, but with all the noise and greenwashing out there, you may be wondering what it really is all about. And is there really anything you can do about the climate crisis? (psss… the answer is, yes!)

earth day

So, what is Earth Day?

The idea for Earth Day was started in 1970 by a senator concerned about human activity's impact on the environment and climate change. Since then, it has grown into a global movement recognized by millions of people to show support for environmental protection. 

It’s a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of taking care of our planet and its resources. Each year there’s a different theme - this year’s is “Restore our Earth.” The goal is to encourage people to take concrete steps to restore and protect our planet for future generations.

earth day

That all sounds great, but what can you actually do as an individual to help the climate crisis?

We’re not going to lie, climate change is scary! We won’t go into the details (read more here if you’re interested), but we can’t let fear take over our lives. We must stay positive and believe that we can ensure a brighter tomorrow through collective everyday changes, policy, and innovation. 

Before starting Joyasol, our founder, Christina Bullock, became concerned about the growing number of wildfires in her home state, California. Thinking about her kid’s future and the impact of these fires and climate change, she felt inspired to take action and enrolled in Former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project (more on her story here)

From there, she received this list of concrete action items you can take to help ensure our planet thrives now and in the future. *Fair warning* this list is long, a bit overwhelming, and nearly impossible to do all of them. We’re far from perfect and don’t expect anyone to be either. We suggest trying 1-2 and going from there. 

earth day

So without further adieu, here they are! 25 things you can start doing today to make a positive impact on our planet: 

  1. Vote for climate change champions and climate initiatives.
  2. Opt for up to 100% renewable energy for your home and business. 
  3. Divest from fossil fuel company stocks and invest in solar, wind, and micro-grids.
  4. Replace incandescent and compact fluorescent lightbulbs with LEDs.
  5. Turn off heat, lights, and power strips, and unplug appliances when not in use.
  6. Install solar panels on your home or business.
  7. Retrofit your home to all-electric if possible. 
  8. Reduce food waste. Meal plan and make a grocery list to avoid buying excess food.
  9. Reduce your food’s carbon footprint by avoiding palm oil, beef, and dairy products, aim for a plant-based, in-season diet.
  10. Recycle and compost whenever possible.
  11. Ditch single-use plastic. Say no to water bottles and disposable packaging. Bring your reusable mug and grocery bags with you.
  12. Creative reuse. Try a clothing or toy swap with your friends! 
  13. Wash clothes in full loads on cold, and hang dry whenever possible.
  14. Get out of the car. Walk, bike or take public transit whenever possible.
  15. Try an electric scooter or bike rather than Uber or Lyft. Carpool. 
  16. Make your next car an electric vehicle and charge it during daylight hours.
  17. At work, advocate for video conferences rather than business trips.
  18. On vacation, experiment with exploring locally rather than traveling overseas.
  19. When you must fly, buy reputable carbon offsets like Cool Effect or Climate Stewards
  20. If you donate to non-profits, consider organizations that focus on educating girls or protecting indigenous rights and tropical forests.
  21. Support environmental justice groups and initiatives. Historically, the most polluting industries are located in disadvantaged communities.
  22. Join a group, such as The Climate Reality Project, that promotes education and awareness about climate change.
  23. Suggest climate-friendly choices in your work and volunteer organizations. 
  24. Participate in climate justice marches or demonstrations.
  25. Share your story with friends and family - why is climate change important to you?

Congratulations on making it this far! As cheesy as it sounds, together we really can make more of a difference.

earth day

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