Tis the season to pause and reflect on all the things to be thankful for. We may have only launched Joyasol six months ago, but we are so incredibly grateful for how far we've come. Here are our founder's, Christina Bullock, top 4 things to be grateful for this season: 

1. Your support - As a small business, we appreciate every like, follow, message, and of course - sale! We really wouldn’t be here without all your continued support and enthusiasm.

2. Our partners in Portugal - We’re so thankful to have connected with some of the best shoe developers and factories in Portugal, ensuring we provide the best quality shoes that are ethically made and responsibly sourced. We can’t wait to visit our “family” in Portugal again next year!

3. Our health - Health is something we try not to take for granted. After a sudden death in the family a few years ago, our founder, Christina, tries to remember that life is short and that every day is a blessing. From trying to eat a balanced diet to exercising and wearing comfortable footwear, we’re thankful for our well-being.

4. Positive news stories - Last but not least, we’re grateful for news sources that are about spreading hope and joy. There’s a lot of heavy things out there and while we believe it’s important to stay informed, we choose to stay positive and hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

What are you grateful for this season? Share below!

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