We’re beyond thrilled to announce that our second style is *almost* here (we’re now taking pre-orders, expecting to ship mid-December)! 

Joyasol Luna Slipper

You may recall that we intentionally launched with just one style, the Paisley sneaker, earlier this year. Our intent is to be mindful and carefully curate a collection of shoes that are versatile, stylish, comfortable, and can be worn year-round. Read more about this here

For our second style, we thought long and hard about what style of shoe we most often wear, besides a sneaker. Naturally, a slipper came to mind, as it’s what we wear at home 99% of the time. 

However, we didn’t want to launch with just any old slipper. 

Joyasol Luna Slipper

As a busy mom of three, our Founder and Creative Director, Christina Bullock, felt that a lot of slippers are functional, but not that stylish or made from eco-friendly materials. She wanted to create a slipper that was both practical (keeping her feet nice and cozy) and stylish (presentable for when guests came over or if she needed to run out of the house in them)!

Joyasol Luna Slipper

Another important factor was what the shoes were made of. Sustainability is core to what we do at Joyasol, so making sure the slippers were responsibly sourced was key. Read more about this here.

Our Luna slipper features a recycled sherpa upper and lightweight platform EVA sole with arch support. Since it is only composed of two main materials, it is a much easier shoe to recycle at the end of its life. Read more about our sustainability and recycling program through TerraCycle here

Last but not least, we decided to offer the Luna slippers in the most classic and neutral colors - Ivory and Camel. Both are incredibly plush and teddy-bear-like, and can be paired with anything from pajamas to sweater sets to jeans and a sweater. The open toe means your feet won't overheat and they can truly be worn all year. 

Joyasol Luna Slipper

As for the name? "Luna" means moon. Since naturally you'll be wearing the Lunas during the nighttime when the moon is out, we thought it was the perfect fit! And also the sweetest girl's name! 

The slippers are currently on their way from Portugal to our warehouse in Southern California. We couldn’t be more excited to launch the Luna and can’t wait to hear what you think of them! Pre-order yours today here

Joyasol Luna Slipper

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