When coming up with the design for our first shoe, the Paisley, comfort and quality of materials were the most important for our founder, Christina. 

“I was tired of buying those that didn’t fit right and caused blisters and discomfort after each wear,” explains Christina. “With the Paisley, I wanted to create a shoe designed specifically for women that had a slightly wider width with a roomier toebox, buttery soft leather inside and out, arch support, and padding that would provide just the right amount of support and comfort for all-day wear. I met with podiatrists and expert shoemakers in Portugal to perfect the fit and finish of the Paisley and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

 Designing the Joyasol Paisley SneakerPaisley Design Sketch

Like so many women, Christina wanted the best of both worlds - to feel comfortable while also looking stylish and feeling her best. However, so often we are faced with having to make the decision between comfort and style.

With our busy lives, we often forget to prioritize the health and comfort of our feet. Taking care of our feet is not just about looking good, but also about ensuring our overall well-being. 

Joyasol Paisley sneaker in Dove

And one of the simplest, most impactful ways to care for our feet is by choosing good quality, well-fitting shoes. Here are some of Christina’s top reasons to do so: 

Support and Stability for Everyday Activities:

As women, we wear various types of shoes to suit different occasions. From high heels to flip flops, our choices can significantly impact our foot health. Investing in shoes that offer support and stability is essential to maintain the natural alignment of our feet and ankles. Quality footwear with arch support, cushioning, and shock absorption features can reduce strain on joints, minimize the risk of injuries like sprains, and improve overall balance. Our insoles are designed for all-day comfort with arch support, shock absorption, and anti-microbial properties to keep your feet feeling comfy and fresh. 

Joyasol Paisley insolePaisley Insole 

Comfort and Prevention of Foot Discomfort:

Who isn’t familiar with the pain that can come with ill-fitting shoes that cause blisters and sore feet? Wearing shoes that fit properly and provide enough toe room and cushioning can make a world of difference in terms of comfort, and your mood!

As European shoes can tend to run a bit more narrow, Christina and her business partner worked with the Portugese factories to develop a slightly wider fit and roomier toe box to better meet the needs of American women. To maximize the comfort, Christina selected the softest leathers to line each shoe that would mold to one's foot and get even more comfortable over time. 

Joyasol Paisley Sneaker inside liningPaisley Liner

Prevention of Foot Conditions and Deformities:

We hate to break it to you, but women are unfortunately more prone to certain foot conditions, like bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and ingrown toenails (ouch!). Choosing good quality shoes plays a crucial role in their prevention. Well-constructed footwear can reduce the chances of developing these conditions, which often arise due to improper foot support or pressure points caused by ill-fitting shoes. By providing the right alignment and reducing excessive pressure on specific areas of the foot, well-fitting shoes can promote long-term foot health and keep us moving forward, living our best lives! 

Improved Blood Circulation and Reducing Swelling:

Footwear choices directly impact blood circulation in our feet. Tight or narrow shoes can restrict blood flow, leading to discomfort and potential complications. Opting for shoes that fit properly and do not constrict blood vessels promotes healthy circulation, reducing the risk of conditions such as swelling, edema, and even varicose veins. That’s why all of our shoes are designed specifically for women’s feet with a little extra width and room in the toe box for maximum comfort. 

Joyasol shoes, women jumping on beach

Empowering Overall Health and Well-being:

The condition of our feet plays a significant role in our overall health and well-being. Foot pain or discomfort can limit our mobility, leading to a sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, and other potential health issues. By investing in good quality, well-fitting shoes, we can maintain an active lifestyle, engage in physical activities, and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems. Taking care of our feet is not just about comfort and aesthetics. It is a step towards embracing our strength and empowerment - what we’re all about at Joyasol! 

For more on the story and inspiration behind the Paisley, visit our other blog post hereDress them up or down, the Paisley is available in 4 colors to suit any look. Shop now.  

Joyasol Paisley Sneaker for women

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