Curious to know how we came up with the design and name for our first shoe? 

From conception, we knew we wanted to launch with a style that we felt would be the most versatile, stylish, and comfortable for year-round wear. A shoe that felt classic and timeless, but at the same time fresh and modern. 

We went through several iterations of prototypes and styles, but in the end, decided to launch with what is now our Paisley sneaker. 

original design sketches Joyasol shoes

some of the original sketches and design details

With refined detailing featuring turn and stitch construction, a classic side strip detail with our signature "sol" sun mark, as well as custom soles and insoles - no detail went unnoticed. 


our first prototypes

our first prototypes!

We also thought long and hard about the materials and colors we wanted to offer. Since sustainability and reducing our environmental impact is important to us, we only used materials that were responsibly sourced and when possible, made from recycled content. And that our leathers and suedes meet the highest standards under the Leather Working Group (more on that on our sustainability page). 

material and color selection for Joyasol shoes

so many colors to choose from! 

An all-white sneaker was a must-have since they go with just about everything. Looking at our favorite colors and what we wear most, we decided to go with a fun metallic gold and vintage pink "rose" suede. Lastly, we wanted to offer a subtle hint of color, so we chose this gorgeous light grey "dove" suede. 

final color selections for Joyasol shoes

the final lineup: all white, dove suede, rose suede, and gold metallic 

As for the name, we wanted it to reflect our unique style - boho meets glam meets feminine. The name “Paisley” came to mind, as it’s a cute and modern girl's name. Paisley is also commonly known as a pattern with intricate, swirling designs and strong ties to bohemian culture. 

paisley print

a gorgeous paisley print

The bohemian style and spirit are all about individuality, creativity, and non-conformity - something that resonates with our ethos of staying true to yourself and embracing your unique style and passions. (read our post about living life with purpose and joy here!). 

woman wearing Joyasol sneaker

wearing the Paisley in all white in Lisbon

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