We’re big believers in buying better, fewer shoes. Not only is it a more sustainable way of living, but it also helps reduce stress when it comes time to figure out what to wear. 

Shoes that are comfortable, timeless, and well-made can last a lifetime. Here are our top tips for extending the life of your shoes. 

  1. Storage - Keep your shoes in a shoe bag or in their original box. Our shoe boxes were designed using high-quality recycled paper and meant to be reused to store your shoes or favorite things! And the same with our drawstring shoe bags. Not only will this protect them from dust and dirt, but they will also help maintain their original shape. 
  2. Protectant Sprays - if you live in an area that rains frequently, or plan to wear your shoes in the rain from time to time, it’s a good idea to waterproof your leather and suede shoes. Our favorites are this one by Reshoevn8r and Jason Markk. To keep sneakers looking fresh and clean, try Sneaker Lab’s spray or wipes
  3. Wooden Shoe Trees - perfect for maintaining the shape of your shoes. Cedar wood also helps to naturally absorb odor and moisture and is a renewable material. Check out this set from The Container Store or this one by Foot Fitter
  4. Rotate - While it’s tempting to wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out, give your shoes a break and let them breathe from time to time. Especially on warm days, our feet sweat and emit odors, so it’s a good idea to rotate them to make sure they have time to air out. 
  5. Cobbler - visit your local cobbler or send in your shoes to a reputable online cobbler, such as The Cobbler Concierge

We hope you found these tips helpful! For more questions about how to take care of your Joyasol shoes, email info@joyasolshoes.com


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Great tips!

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