As the New Year approaches, it’s a natural time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next. While we’re not here to shame anyone for setting typical New Year’s resolutions (like working out more, losing weight, eating healthier, etc.), we wanted to take a minute to talk about how resolutions can also be about prioritizing joy, purpose and personal growth - what we’re all about at Joyasol (read more here). We’ve rounded up the top 7 ways to do this in 2024!

1. Reflect with Gratitude and Intent
Find a quiet moment, and pause to reflect on all that happened in 2023. Take out a piece of paper (or open up a note on your phone) and make a list to express gratitude for the past year's lessons and blessings. Set intentions based on what brings you joy and a sense of purpose, aligning your resolutions with your core values and aspirations. What are three things you wish to do more of? What are three things you wish to do less of? By writing it down, you’ll be manifesting your visions for the new year and helping bring them to life.


2. Seek Joy in Everyday Moments
Resolve to find joy in the little things. Whether it's enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, carving out 5 minutes of meditation, savoring an outdoor walk, discovering a new podcast, or exploring new hobbies (like painting or knitting), prioritize moments that bring happiness into your daily routine. A reminder that joy doesn’t have to be grand gestures or glamorous vacations. It’s about smaller, more frequent acts that bring happiness into our lives.

3. Discover Your Purposeful Path
Explore resolutions that resonate with your sense of purpose. This could involve volunteering for causes dear to your heart (like a local children’s hospital), dedicating time to mentorship (like at a local school or at your company), or pursuing personal projects that ignite your passion and give back to your community. This is exactly what our founder did when she first started Joyasol. To read more about her story, click here.

4. Embrace Self-Care as a Daily Ritual
Make self-care a non-negotiable part of your routine. Whether it's practicing mindfulness (try the Calm app), indulging in skincare routines (hello face masks), lighting your favorite scented candle (have you smelled Diptyque Baies?), or setting aside time for your creativity to shine (we love mindful drawing), self-care rituals are essential and should bring joy and a sense of rejuvenation to your everyday.

woman wearing Joyasol luna slippers
5. Cultivate Meaningful Connections
Prioritize relationships that make you feel happy, alive, and fulfilled. Life is too short for shallow relationships. Nurture connections with friends, family, and mentors who uplift and inspire you. Set resolutions that involve developing deeper, more meaningful relationships throughout the year.

Looking to make new friends? Join a group with similar interests to you (like a local soccer league, book club, or moms group). Or try going on a wellness retreat. A few years ago our founder, Christina Bullock, went on a yoga pilates retreat in Tulum, Mexico, and made some lifelong friends. Going on a retreat like this is not only good for your mind, body, and spirit, but also good for connecting with like-minded people.


6. Pursue Growth and Learning
Set resolutions centered around continuous growth and learning. Whether it's acquiring a new skill, enrolling in online courses, or delving into books that expand your knowledge, make learning an exciting and joyful pursuit. How about learning a new language? We love the Duolingo app. Makes learning a language fun and game-like! 

7. Celebrate Milestones and Embrace the Journey
Celebrate every milestone, no matter how small. Recognize the progress you make towards your goals and embrace the journey itself as an opportunity for growth, learning, and joy. Since starting Joyasol, it hasn’t always been easy. But by celebrating the highs and learning from the lows, it keeps our founder, Christina, going. Read more about how she juggles being a mom and entrepreneur here.

To summarize, by setting realistic goals that bring happiness, embracing meaningful connections, and nurturing personal growth, you can create a year filled with purposeful achievements and moments of pure joy. Remember, the essence of these resolutions lies in aligning them with your unique aspirations, allowing you to live authentically and find joy and purpose in every step you take.

Cheers to a great 2024! What are some of your resolutions? Share in the comments, we’d love to hear!

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