When thinking of the next woman to feature on our Inspiring Woman blog series, Katie Duda immediately came to mind. We met Katie a few years ago on a health and wellness retreat and found her journey from fintech to a gut and hormone health practitioner to be incredibly inspiring. So without further ado, meet Katie! 

Joyasol: Can you tell us a bit about your background and what you do?

Katie: I am a mama to littles (3 & 1), a wife, dog mama x2, and an Integrative Health Practitioner specializing in gut and hormone health. I recently transitioned out of a demanding and unfulfilling career in Fintech after 10 years in pursuit of more alignment & less burnout.

This leap into the unknown led me to a fulfilling career as a Health Coach and later an Integrative Health Practitioner. Fast forward to today, I have helped 100+ women tackle hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and mood disturbances through targeted lab testing and personalized coaching. My approach is deeply rooted in science, emphasizing blood sugar management and hormonal balance without relying on restrictive diets.

Joyasol: What were some of the challenges you’ve faced, and how did you overcome them?

Katie: One of the most significant challenges was transitioning from a conventional career path to one aligned with my passion for health and wellness. This required taking a major financial risk, tuning out external criticism (from family), moving away from my hometown, and remaining faithful and consistent to the process– riding the ups and downs.

I overcame these challenges by staying true to my core values and focusing on the needs of the women I serve, which drove me to continuously evolve and refine my expertise.

Joyasol: As a successful woman in business, what advice would you give to other women?

Katie: Trust your intuition and stay committed to your vision. The path to success is often non-linear and requires embracing risks and challenges. Surround yourself with a supportive community that encourages growth and be ready to adapt to changes while staying focused on your long-term goals. Community with like-minded people is truly everything!

Joyasol: Do you have any tips for women on finding their purpose and calling in life?

Katie: Explore what deeply motivates you and what you are genuinely passionate about. Think about the moments when you are doing something and as the time passes, it’s as if no time has passed at all. Consider the experiences that have shaped you (or challenges you have overcome) and how you can use your unique skills to serve others. I always say, your pain often becomes your purpose. Finding your calling is a journey; allow yourself the flexibility to grow and evolve as you discover new paths and opportunities.

Joyasol: Wow, so insightful! Thanks for sharing. What do you enjoy doing outside of work and what brings you joy?

Katie: Outside of work, I am chasing my kiddos and working hard to be present and disconnect from technology as often as I can. I want them to know their mama was present, calm, patient & emotionally available. I find joy in connecting with nature, whether it's hiking, yoga, or simply spending time outdoors– nature is my therapy. These activities help me recharge and maintain my own health and wellness, which is vital in sustaining my ability to help others.

Joyasol: What’s your personal style? What makes you feel your best and most confident self? 

Katie: My personal style is functional yet chic—clothing that allows me to move freely but also makes me feel put-together and confident. I prefer outfits that can transition smoothly from a casual work environment to an evening out, emphasizing comfort and versatility. Having had 2 kids in just a short period of time, you can typically find me in athleisure (vuori) almost always. :)  

Joyasol: What do you think of your new Joyasol shoes?

Katie: As a working mama who primarily works out of the home, these slippers are perfect for me! I take pride in supporting women-owned brands that are also thoughtful and conscious of the material they use in their products, so I can confidently wear these knowing they align with my core values as a consumer.

Additionally, I love how they are chic, yet comfortable (my personal style!) so that I can feel put together, even when I’m hanging around the house working or chasing kids. They pair nicely with anything I wear, and are extremely comfortable! I also love how sturdy they are as they support my knees and back as I am on my feet all day long. 

Joyasol: Do you have anything else you’d like to share with the Joyasol community? 

Katie: You can’t fail if you refuse to stop. Keep going.

Joyasol: Wow! Thank you so much Katie for all that you do, helping women live their best lives starting with nutrition and wellness, and for sharing all these amazing insights!

If you'd like to connect with Katie, you can check out her website here and Insta here.

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