Portugal is often celebrated for its gorgeous landscapes and delicious food, however, it also boasts a thriving fashion scene that is both stylish and sustainable. We’ve visited Portugal twice since starting Joyasol (more on our story here), and are excited to share the top 5 things we’ve adopted into our wardrobe from the Portuguese.

1 - Cork Fashion
Portugal is one of the world's largest producers of cork, and they've put this eco-friendly material to good use in fashion (not just wine!). Cork accessories like handbags, shoes, and even jewelry are not only fashionable but also highly sustainable, as it is self-regenerative and doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Cork is lightweight, water-resistant, and versatile. Try a cork handbag or wedge shoe made of cork for a unique look!

cork bags from Portugal

2 - Linen Love
Portugal's warm climate has made linen a staple in their fashion. Linen dresses, tops, and pants are not only comfortable but effortlessly chic. They keep you cool and stylish during summer outings. Whether it's a casual day or a special occasion, linen will elevate your fashion game. Prior to starting Joyasol, our founder, Christina Bullock, worked for a linen company (Rough Linen) where her love for linen flourished.

woman in Algarge, Portugal
3 - Traditional Tile Patterns
Portugal's rich history is reflected in its fashion, often inspired by traditional Azulejos tile patterns. These beautiful, intricate designs are found on clothing, accessories, and even shoes. Incorporate Azulejos patterns into your wardrobe for a touch of Portuguese artistry and a unique look. You'll feel like you're walking through a charming Portuguese village every time you wear them. Psss… did you notice the tiles we sometimes use in our branding? We love incorporating Portuguese tiles as a way to honor where our shoes are made!

woman in Lisbon, Portugal wearing Joyasol sneakers
4 - Footwear
Portugal is world renowned for its high-quality leather goods. Portuguese leather shoes and boots are known for their craftsmanship and comfort (hence one of the top reasons we chose Portugal to manufacture - more on that here). Step into a pair of Portuguese leather shoes (like our Paisley sneakers!), and you'll instantly feel the difference.

5 - The Color of the Sea
Blue is a dominant color in Portuguese fashion, reflecting the country's proximity to the ocean. Whether it's a navy dress or a pair of azure-colored earrings, adding shades of blue to your wardrobe can give you a fresh and stylish look that's reminiscent of the Portuguese coastline.
woman in Lisbon, Portugal wearing Joyasol sneakers

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